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Listing System

Instructions: Congratulations, you have a listing opportunity. The below is a system that you can follow from A – Z and it’s designed for you to provide the ultimate level of service to your client and sell their home for the true highest and best price in the shortest period of time. Simply follow the jump links below and leverage the tools we provide.

The Listing Appointment

Listing Interview

Coming Soon - The listing appointment is more like an interview and what you can do for the client. It's kind of like a job interview. We will outline this process for you and give you some tools to help you along the way.


Showing a sample of how you will be marketing the home is good to show. Mock up or show samples of your property website and provide a list of marketing items to do to show how you will maximize the exposure of their home.

Pricing The Home

After your first impression, price is next. Showing an equity upside is the reason for the value range. In addition, you will increase the size of the buying pool with how your price the home. Next, leverage the Offer Platform to drive the price.

Performance Listing

Optional. Use if you need to agree to your 6% commission fee. You need to make this an addendum to the RLA. View a sample agreement. Once set up, you will be able to send a DocuSign to all parties for their review.


Pre-MLS Checklists

Get these done. All good agents will do these things to provide a high level of service to their client.

Prep Loans

If your client does not have the funds to finish the Pre-MLS Checklist, now you can provide a low to no interest loan and the means to get it done through our partners at Curbio.

Offer Platform Set Up

Build your Offer Landing Page and add it to your Property Website.

MLS Verbiage

Example of Confidential Remarks, Showing Instructions and the Property Description.

Active MLS

Agent Email Blast

Add another layer of marketing by sending your listing to a specific group or two in the areas you want to market to.

Social Media Campaign

Social Media is a great way to expose your listings and pick up leads at the same time. Boost by HomeSpotter provide ads for your new listings!

Open Houses

Open houses are good exposure and a way to get face to face with buyers and possibly new buyer clients. A great way to network.

Offers Vetting Checklist

Make sure you vet your offers and leverage your offer platform to get the highest price.

    • Confirm the buyers loan with the lender
    • Confirm their proof of funds
    • Review the RPA to make sure your client is protected. For assistance get with Transaction Support or your Mentor.  


Buying & Selling Escrow Process

Help you and your clients know the sequence of events and ensure you close your escrow on time.

Post COE

Just Closed Checklist

Create the Transaction and attached the 1RVS1a Workflow to the listing to stay on track. A must if you have more than one.

Exit Survey

An efficient and easy way to collect a rating and testimonial from your clients. Simply send them an email with a link.

Stay In Touch

To maximize repeat business and foster referrals, simply stay in touch through your CRM's Smart Plans.