Listing Interview Appointment | System

Keep in mind these things:
1. Every house is different
2. Stay within your system, but pivot if needed. Don't be a robot
3. Build rapport that is positive. Helps their sub-conscience find a way to work with you, as apposed to figuring out a way not to work with you. Don't break rapport or argue with your client. Asking questions will help. Especially when it comes to price. Ask them if they want a top dollar which will require some work and a budget or an "as is" sale and we won't spend much money on repairs and updates, etc. Ask them what they think there house is worth. Remember, don't use the word comps or comparables, just use the word "Data". "The Data shows...."
4. 4. Send Information ahead of your appointment:

  • Build Rapport - positive expectations
  • Info on yourself, Brokerage | Team and your process (Listing Presentation Builder)
  • Just the Facts Letter: What will I do for them Check List
  • Create a Pre-Listing Website with the Offer Platform
  • Include the Qualifying Questions
  • Have your TC or LC send out another letter
  • Qualifying Questions Before Your Appointment:
    1. Where are you moving to?
    2. How soon do you need to be there?
    3. How much would you like to list your home for?
    4. What price will you not go below?
    Note: Talk about Net Sheet
    5. What do you owe on the property?
    6. Have you ever thought about selling your home yourself?
    7. Do you want to help finance the property or do you just want to cash out of the property and make a clean exit?
    Presentation Builder
    This is a system to help you put together the step by step process of how you will list their home and why you are confident that your listing method is superior to most others. The 6 steps are as follows:

    1. Price
    2. Preparation
    3. Exposure
    4. Multiple Offer Creation
    5. Ranking Offers and Competition through the Offer Platform
    6. Highest and Best Negotiations

    The purpose of having a listing appointment / consultation is to show your client how you will market their house and differentiate yourself from the competition. At the same time, the psychology behind the price, prep and offer platform software benefits, etc. In addition you want to show how you will obtain even better results.

    To be successful with this will take a complete understanding of each step, a lot of practice and the know how of how to build your leave behind listing game plan. If you need help setting this up, contact Andy Parker at 858.414.3661 or email him at
    CMA Builder
    Part of your presentation should be how you will price the home. First using the CMA Builder you will establish what the home should sell for. Then if you use the Value Range pricing model, simply set you top price around the where the comps are and the bottom price 15% - 20% below that.