About Us

Our Story

It started back when Andy Parker, Broker and Founder of SMART RE CORP , that owns SRETools.com (SRE), realized that when it came to listing homes, the current way was not very efficient. Typically, agents listed a home at the highest price possible, which minimized the buying pool and fostered low ball offers, price reductions and long days on the market.  If the goal is to provide a superior service to the client, then the current way created more pain and frustrations than success. 

Andy set out to fix this inefficient system. He understood that he needed to create a selling method or system that created a “multiple buyer environment” combined with transparency and a sense of urgency (competition).  So he built a software platform that does the above and creates a competitive environment, without it being an auction!  Bottom line, his first tool maximizes the size of the buying pool, which does all the above and enables the listing agent to sell their listings at the true highest and best price in the shortest period of time!  Now listing agents can provide the “Ultimate Level of Service” to their clients, get paid faster, differentiate themselves from the competition and win more listings.  Andy called this software platform The Smart Offer Platform!  The first tool was born.

After the first tool,  Andy began seeing a lot of pain and frustration in other areas of the Agents business like overwhelm, organization, lead generation, client conversions and transaction management.   He realized he needed to create other tools, systems and services that provided similar efficiencies and even “Done-For-You” type services….so he set out to either create the tools or integrate existing tools & technology together.

Andy realized that even if you have access to the best tools possible, agents are still spread out with multiple logins, wondering how to do it all, all while paying tons of money on sales and marketing, so the Agent is overwhelmed and the utilization of the tools is low!  Therefore,  he placed all tools and systems all in one affordable subscription…The “SRE Virtual Office“!.  This Real Estate Subscription Virtual Office is evolving every day with the goal of providing more value and efficiencies to the agent.  

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish the SRE Virtual Office as the premier real estate support platform in the United States  and provide agents with the following systems and services:

      • Agent Brand
      • Listing System
      • Client Referrals
      • Leads Follow Up System
      • Transaction Management

Our Mission

The SRE Mission is to empower agents to achieve their production goals with cutting edge real estate systems, tools, training and support that fosters relationships, builds referrals, enhances client service and gives back to the community.  

About the Founder

Andy Parker is a retired NFL football player, entrepreneur and real estate broker on a mission to help agents to move forward in business best practices and build a thriving real estate business. He desires to be a true servant leader and has been involved in real estate for 35 years. Andy completed a B.A. from the University of Utah while on a full football scholarship. After which, he was drafted by the LA Raiders and played a total of 7 years in the NFL. While playing for the Raiders he was voted team captain by his peers and eventually became a starter at the TE position. He has owned and operated many business’s, and is currently the president of an affordable housing non-profit. The non-profit he runs manages many larger affordable multi-family housing projects across the state of California. Andy understands that a mature business is run on systems and the people running those systems enhance those systems and make them better over time.

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