Lisiting Appointment | System

Lisiting Appointment | System

Send Information ahead of your appointment:

Qualifying Questions Before Your Appointment:

Presentation Builder

This is a system to help you put together the step-by-step process of how you will list their home and why you are confident that
your listing method is superior to most others. The 6 steps are as follows:

Multiple Offer Creation
Ranking Offers and Competition through the Offer
Highest and Best Negotiations

The purpose of having a listing appointment / consultation is to show your client how you will market their house and differentiate yourself from the competition. At the same time, the psychology behind the price, prep and offer platform software benefits, etc. In addition you want to show how you will obtain even better results.

To be successful with this will take a complete understanding of each step, a lot of practice and the know how of how to build your leave behind listing game plan. If you need help setting this up, contact Andy Parker at 858.414.3661 or email him at

CMA Builder

Part of your presentation should be how you will price the home. First using the CMA
Builder you will establish what the home should sell for. Then if you use the Value
Range pricing model, simply set you top price around the where the comps are and
the bottom price 15% – 20% below that.