Performance Listing

Instructions: The purpose of the Performance Listing Program is to be able to compete against the discount brokerages and agents and provide the fairest environment to list their house as possible.

How It Works: Your commission is based on your performance or if you can sell the home for the mutually agreed upon projected sales price that was established between you and the home owner (client). This agreement is solidified with an addendum to the Residential Listing Agreement (RLA).

In the event that you meet the agreed upon sales price projected goal, then you will receive your full commission. For example, if you have a 6% listing, split 3.5% to the Sell side agent and 2.5% to the Buy side agent, then you will receive the full 3.5%.

In the event that you do not meet the projected goal, then the Sell side agents commission will be adjusted based on the scale agreed to. See sample scale to the right.

Addendum Language Example:

Coming Soon
Sales Price Scale vs. Commission % Chart:

100% or higher = 3.5%
99% or lower = 3.0%
98% or lower = 2.5%
97% or lower = 2.0%
96% or lower = 1.5%