Preferred Vendor List

Provides value to your prospects and past clients and reciprocity for your vendors to help refer to you!

How It Works

Create your database of vendors that you highly recommend, see what kind of discounts they will provide to your clients and promote to your prospects as a value add and a great service. Your vendors will love you as you refer and promote them and may even feel compelled to refer to you as a thank you (this is the powerful principle and mental trigger called "reciprocity"!

Next Steps


Find Great Vendors

Build a list of vendors that your clients are likely to use for their home repairs, upgrade, move, etc.


Promote and Refer

When possible promote these vendors and build their value and then refer them when appropriate


Valuable Service

Providing this service is a great value add to you as a Real Estate Professional and it's virtually free!


Referral Opportunities

One of the best side effects of this is reciprocity with your vendors. As you promote them they will refer to you!


Add To the CRM Database

Add your Vendor List to your CRM attach them to our Vendor tag and send your list to your clients as they may have need.


Attach a Workflow



Ask for Referrals

Survey form that asks for referrals


Receive and Follow Up

This form is integrated with your CRM, so once they submit, it will go to the new lead Workflow and they will receive an introductory text and email with video bio, value ads and another survey!