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The Smart Listing System

Presentation Template

Simply fill out a form to create your listing presentation slide show made for the Smart Listing System with The Smart Offer Platform integrated within. 

Property Website Template

Instantly create your property website. Simply fill out the the property website template form and purchase the property address URL. See what one looks like. Click on the Title above to learn more.


Check off each task and track your listing system and make sure you do everything you need to do in order to provide the best service possible and stay in best practices.

Offer Platform

Our proprietary real estate tool to put your listing in a multiple buyer environment and obtain the ultimate level of service, which is to sell homes at the true highest and best price in the shortest period of time! Click on the Title above to learn more.


View your business at a glance! Your dashboard has the Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) that you need to make sure you are on track and so much more!

Prepare for Photos

Make sure your client preps the home by repairing and upgrading those areas needed along with decluttering and staging to ensure the home has the best first impression possible!

Listing Mastery Video

A video training series powered by Workman Success Systems. Learn the best practices of finding listing leads and building likability, competency and trust for easy conversion.

Become a Member

Agents, when it’s time to be more efficient and organized, Smart Real Estate Tools is your answer! Whether you are a rookie or a pro, our Real Estate Membership is the affordable system that will take you to the next level!