RRE & CRE "Starter" Membership Onboarding

Now it's time to set your business up and get you off to a good start!


  • 1. Brand Builder:
    Please CLICK HERE to set up. Note: For assistance with your Brand please contact Andy Parker, your support coach @ (858) 414-3661 or aparker@aare.org

  • 2. Set up your essential print materials:
    • Business Cards
    • For Sale Signs
    • Open House Signs
    • Agent Bio Page - Coming Soon
    • Branded Farm Campaign - Coming Soon
    Please CLICK HERE
  • Order AARE Name Tag:
    Please CLICK HERE

  • 3. Navigation Central:
    Now you can efficiently run your business, get access to all AARE links, videos and communication sites. Please CLICK HERE to learn more.

  • 4. Platform Support:
    CLICK HERE to learn more.

  • 5. Brokermint Transaction Software:
    CLICK HERE to learn more.

  • 6. Review Survey Recommendations:
    Make sure you talk with your Support Coach about your Survey.

  • 7. Button Builders:
    Now you can stay organized with all of your logins in one central location. CLICK HERE to learn how to set those up.

  • 8. Real Estate CRM (Powered by Realvolve):
    A CRM specifically build for real estate agents. This will work for both Residential and Commercial Agents. When you join the Starter, Pro or Listing Pro plans, you will automatically be creating a Realvolve CRM account. When you login to your Agent Business Builder site, you will be logged in to your CRM. Simply click on the CRM tab to login. Please click the links below to learn how to set up your CRM properly:
    Note: For assistance with your CRM please contact Andy Parker @ (858) 414-3661

  • 9. Agent Website:
    A powerful tool to help build your brand, your audience (database), create mental triggers and influence prospects to engage and convert:
    Assuming you are already logged into your Business Builder site, please follow these steps:

    • Set Up Your Residential Agent Website CLICK HERE
    • Set Up Your Commercial Agent Site CLICK HERE
    • Learn how edit your website to your brand and info CLICK HERE
    • Learn How to set up your Seller and Buyer Landing Pages CLICK HERE
    • Learn how to set up your Buyer Landing Page IDX CLICK HERE
    • Set up Lead Nurture Workflows CLICK HERE to learn how. You will need this code: E765C29B60.
    • Sync your Landing Pages with your CRM & Nurture Workflows (Zapier Connect) CLICK HERE
    Note: For assistance with your Agent Website please contact Andy Parker @ (858) 414-3661

  • 10. Lead Nurture Workflows:
    Workflows specifically designed to maximize engagement. Add the the Workflow of your choice, via Zapier, to those lead opt-in forms of your choice.

    Also, specifically designed workflows have been designed for you as part of your site. To upload these Workflows follow these steps:

    • 1. Go to CRM and click on Workflows on the top menu
    • 2. Go to and click on the "+" symbol
    • 3. Highlight "Add Workflows From Library" and click "Continue"
    • 4. Scroll down to "SRETools-" and click on "Premium" and then click on "Install Package"
    • 5. Insert this code: E765C29B60
    • 6. Wait about 5 minutes for all to upload before testing

    Note: If you need assistance with setting up your Lead Nurture Workflows please contact Andy Parker @ (858) 414-3661

  • 11. 7 Steps To A Paycheck Training Video Series:
    A concise training video series that helps you to focus on what will generate a paycheck for you in a timely manner.

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