"Pro" Business Builder Plan Onboarding

Now it's time to set your business up and get you off to a good start!


  • Welcome to the AARE Back Office and your Launch Pad! Every AARE Agent has access to their very own branded Back Office. This is where you can efficiently launch and run your business, get access to all AARE training links, videos and communication sites and so much more. Built into your back office is your: 1. RE Portal; 2. Marketplace and 3. Training Center. Please CLICK HERE to explore your Back Office.

  • 1. Back Office: Systems, tools, programs, services and support is what your Back Office is all about. The technology is state of the art and can differentiate yourself from the competition. Keep in mind that all these tools are designed with 3 criteria: 1. It has to create a higher level of efficiency; 2. It needs to be effective; and 3. It has to be affordable. To get the most out of your Back Office, work closely with your Business Support Specialist and complete each task on the Checklist below:

  • A. Transaction Software Login: Powered by Skyslope, your transaction software is a very powerful tool to get you and your TC through your transactions. Please make sure you are able to login. If not, contact your On-Boarding person.

  • B. Agent Bio and Head Shot: Your Onboarding Person should have requested this already. Please provide your bio and head shot to them as soon as possible.

  • C. Design Center: This area is powered by Corefact and is where you can create all your branded collateral materials. It's like having your very own design studio and print shop on your computer. Order online or give your design to your printer, you choice.
    • Fill out your Corefact Profile
    • Order Your Business Cards
    • Order Your For Sale Signs
    • Order Your Open House Signs
    • Order Your Agent Bio Page
    • Order Your Presentation Folders - Coming Soon

    • CLICK HERE and go to the "Login" button to explore your Design Center (Powered by Corefact).

      Please Note: Quality and uniformity is important so that you create a good first impression. Therefore all orders must use AARE approved designs.
      Your Business Support Specialist will help you through this set up and will show you how to use the Corefact Platform.

  • D. Email Signature: A professional email signature with live links to your email, website, seller home value landing page and social media sites. Note: This form does not save, but pulls form your Brand Builder form. Make sure you Brand Builder form is completed prior to creating your Email Signature. To set this up CLICK HERE

  • E. Business Buttons: Now you can stay organized with all of your logins in one central location. CLICK HERE to set those up.

  • F. Agent Website & IDX:

    1. There are two versions. The one you get under your FREE account and the one you get under your Paid Account. The main difference is the IDX integration into your CRM and lead capture capacity and the follow up automations. No matter which one you are under, your Business Support Specialist will help you get this set up.

  • G. Order AARE Name Tag: If you have not ordered this yet please contact your Onboarding Specialist. at 760.444.4477

  • H. CRM: Depending on if you are under the FREE version of your Back Office or the Paid Version, will dictate which CRM you will have access to. If you are under the FREE version, then you will have access to the Real Geeks CRM. If you are under the Paid Version, then you will have access to a more robust CRM powered by GoHighLevel (GHL).

    Your Business Support Specialist will help you get familiar with either one and send you to the training videos to help you get started.

    Then set up, based on your Business Plan, the marketing strategies, etc. that generate leads, follow up, appointments, conversion, offers and closings.

  • I. Business Planning: A necessary thing to do for a successful Agent to get set up. Remember, fail to plan...plan to fail!

      1. Meet with your Business Support Specialist

      2. Download Your Business Plan Workbook...a writable PDF: To download CLICK HERE

      3. Set Your GCI Goal and then determine how many transactions you need to meet your goal, then determine how many appointments you need to to generate one client, then determine how many leads you need to book one appointment, then you need to determine your lead sources

      4. Go through the 7 Steps To Powerful Paychecks. The first step is "The Initial Contact: Your First Impression".

      5. Your Big Why - You'll find this sheet in your Business Plan Workbook. Use this section to determine your "Why". Your "Why" is going to pull you through the rough patches as you start to build your real estate business.

      6. New Residential Agent How To's
    • Marketing System: Choose (DIY or DFY) to implement the 7 Steps To A Paycheck Program.
    • Marketing Budget: Make sure you know the cost of setting up and running your business
    • SWOT Analysis. This will help you determine your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. CLICK HERE
    • Goals Sheet - Determine your conversion rates to build an accurate income projection. CLICK HERE

      7. Dashboard & Reports - A snap shot of your business and marketing KPI's

      8. Expenses and Budget. You'll find this sheet in your Workbook. Use this sheet to map out what your business will cost you and project what you will make at the end of the year. Remember, it's not what you make that matters, but what you keep.

      9. Daily Success Habits Tracker. Once you know how many deals you need to do to hit your income goal, break it down to see what you need to do on a daily basis to make this happen. CLICK HERE

      10. Build Your Agent Value - Your value is very important to create engagement and differentiation. Strive to show how you can achieve better results for your client. Get with your Marketing Manager for assistance.

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