"Essential" Business Builder Plan Onboarding

Now it's time to set your business up and get you off to a good start!


  • 1. Brand Builder:
    Please CLICK HERE to set up. Note: For assistance with your Brand please contact Andy Parker, your support coach @ (858) 414-3661 or aparker@aare.org

  • 2. Set up your essential print materials:
    • Business Cards
    • For Sale Signs
    • Open House Signs
    • Agent Bio Page - Coming Soon
    • Branded Farm Campaign - Coming Soon
    Please CLICK HERE to Register & Order your print and sign materials. Note: For assistance with your printing orders please contact Kristi @ (555) 777-7777 or Shilo @ (555) 777-7777
  • Order AARE Name Tag:
    Please CLICK HERE

  • 3. Navigation Central:
    Now you can efficiently run your business, get access to all AARE links, videos and communication sites. Please CLICK HERE to learn more.

  • 4. Platform Support:
    CLICK HERE to learn more.

  • 5. Brokermint Transaction Software:
    CLICK HERE to learn more.

  • 6. Review Survey Recommendations:
    Make sure you talk with your Support Coach about your Survey.

  • 7. Button Builders:
    Now you can stay organized with all of your logins in one central location. CLICK HERE to learn how to set those up.

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