Video Text: “Hi and welcome to the Marketing area of your real estate membership! My name is Ron and your marketing area is all about helping you build a plan and stick to it. This plan will be fully integrated with your Smart CRM powered by Realvlove.  This will allow you to analyze your Key Performance Indicators and Marketing Analytics. At the same time, if you set it up properly, then much of it will be automated, allowing you to focus on other things, like providing the personal touch and a superior service to your clients. The goal of your Marketing area is to build a database of potential clients that are highly motivated to buy or sell a home and get them to use you.  This resulting in a steady flow of opportunity.  

One of the first things you will want to do is get familiar with your marketing plan workbook, the listing presentation template, the Smart Offer Platform, the property website template, and all the listing checklists.  Then go through the Listing Mastery Video series to enhancing your listing eduction, service to your clients and opportunity to find those looking to sell their homes.

This marketing area is very comprehensive. Not only do we focus in on you and generating leads and referrals, we also have to think about how you market your listings for maximum exposure.  As part of this process we have partnered with Corefact to help with your printing, mailing and integrations with your Smart CRM…From business cards, post card, property brochures, flyers and so much more. This is a one stop shop for creating collateral material, printing that material, mailing that material and engaging prospects via the internet and integrating them into your Smart CRM for immediate follow up automation.

Corefact allows you the opportunity to choose your templated assets or create your own just the way you want…making sure your brand is consistent.   

So, having said all that, it’s now time to implement. That’s what this area is all about. Let’s not forget, we simply want to find people that need to buy or sell a home and then help them to use you to do it, that’s it!  

So thanks for watching and if you need support or having questions, please contact the support button below this video and we’ll see you on the next video!….

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