Agent Charitable Referral Program


We have seen these referral and lead programs and if you have used any of them, you have found that the quality of the lead is the issue. Typically what happens is you spend a lot of money upfront and you may generate a lot of leads, but this is just the beginning. Turning these leads into clients and closed transactions is where the rub is. Therefore, we are launching a program that may fix that issue.

This is How It Works:

1. Agents sign up for the SRE Back Office and opt into the Smart Referral Program (Dream Home Rewards)
2. Agents agree to the Terms of Service, Master Referral Agreement signs the CAR Referral Agreement form with a 30% referral fee. This fee is split where the first 25% of the agents commission will go to the clients favorite charity and the other 5% will go to SRE for marketing and other expenses
3. SRE will target Non Profits and expose them to the Smart Referral Program through the Dream Home Rewards site
4. SRE will promote DHR via social media and other digital means
5. Clients access the site and choose their REALTOR®
6. The client goes to the agents site and starts their home search on the Intelligent IDX Agent Website and the agents reaches out and starts the home buying process

To participate and opt into the Dream Home Rewards site and our Client Referral Program the first real estate community centric rewards search portal that has a charitable giving program built in, simply fill out the application below for approval. We hand pick the agents that participate. We are looking for agents that have experience, a successful track record, have a good brand established, that are professional and have a servants heart and lastly willing to donate 25% of their commission to their clients charity.

What Is It?

The Agent Charitable Referral Program is a program that leverages a special community centric real estate search portal that give back to the community and helps the user to save money and earn rewards.

How It Works:

1. Once SRE Back Office subscribing agent opts in and become part of the referral program, when the leads come in, SRE will disperse these leads to the agents on a round robin basis. If you accept the charitable referral, then just like a referral fee, you will donate 25% of your commission at the close of escrow to the charity of your clients choice. If you pass on the referral, then it will go to the next agent in line

2. Go to Dream Home Rewards site (agent referral, client rewards and charitable giving site):