Marketing Plan Overview

Your marketing plan is all about branding, building your audience, gaining influence with your audience, creating value, which leads to increased engagement. The more people you engage with, the more deals you can put together.

Here is a diagram of our marketing plan to help you understand what we are doing to help you create opportunities.

Marketing Vocabulary:

Your Brand: What are we branding and why do we brand? It's you, so you can build mental triggers.

Your Value: What do you bring to the table that they can't do for themselves. Can you become a valuable asset?

Your Audience: Email database of people that you know or who have opted-in to your value adds

Influence Builders: Social Media Likes, Comments, Connections, etc. Past sales and experience. Mental Triggers called Authority (Videos, Bio, Books, etc.)

Nurture / Follow Up: CRM with marketing automation

Permission: Cause and effect. Provide something they asked for. Value

Mental Triggers (Know, Like, Trust):

Should Result In Convertible Leads: Most agents think that lead generation is the most important part of their business. This is true, but only half of the equation. The other half is "conversion"! Generating leads means nothing if you are not turning those opportunities into clients. Agents fail to ask one simple question...why would a home buyer or seller use me or what value do I bring to the table?

One of the purposes of this real estate membership is to help agents build and grow their business in an efficient, effective and affordable way, while maintaining a high level of service to their clients. The diagram below puts our Marketing plan in a simple diagram. We call this best practices so you have every opportunity to compete and succeed amongst your peers and accomplish the above.