How To Upload Your Offers To The Offer Platform

What is The Offer Platform?

The Offer Platform is an easy way for agents to submit offers. Instead of uploading them through an email, you are uploading them through an online form. All you need is an offer token to open up the form. Your offers are then uploaded to a semi-transparent online platform that ranks the top three offers, but does not show prices. It also shows some specific terms and contingencies that are in your offer.

Why do agents use the offer platform?

1. It helps the listing agent stay organized
2. It helps buyers make smarter, more informed offers
3. It is the fairest and quickest way for a buyer and a seller to come together and agree on price and terms
4. It’s much more efficient than the old way

How to Make an Offer


On the Property Website, simply go to the “Make an Offer” button. This will take you to the offer platform and the listing landing page. You then click on the green “Get Token Here” button.


Fill out the agent verification form to receive your token.

Note: You must be a licensed agent to use the offer platform.


Once you have submitted the agent verification form, you will receive an email that contains your token code. To use the token select the associated property link on the email to validate your token.


Now you will be able to upload your offer docs and provide offer details.

Once you click submit, your offer will appear on the Offer Platform if it ranks in the top three.

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