Leads System

This is your essential system for creating opportunities and maximizing your production. Being a successful agent requires you to do just two things: 1. Find buyers and sellers; 2. Get them to use you. This 5 step system will help you accomplish those two things and will break down the 5 steps and stages you need to go through. In order to create engagement, appointments and conversion follow these steps. Do you have a system in place for sourcing leads, follow up and tracking your conversions? Now you do!

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Details: 5 Steps to Success System

Let's first define what success is. Success is having a system that produces a steady flow of opportunities into your database that you build your brand into and put through the follow up, engagement and conversion process. Remember that leads are not the goal, but the beginning. Booking appointments and conversion of those appointments is what matters. Also, your goal is to turn each lead into a relationship and provide value to that relationship. Don't sell, but rather provide value.

      • Database:  You need to build, sort and qualify your database.  First, building your database:  There are many sources for lead gen. Focus in on your SOI, Buffini Referral Training, and one or two others such as your CRM Digital Marketing tools…Landing Pages and FB ads that send traffic to your landing pages, which are integrated into your CRM.   See Support for more details on Landing Pages.  As Buffini says, your database is a list of relationships and an opportunity to forge relationships over time. This is why touching on your database is so important. Stay in touch!  Building your Brand (Step 2) into your database is what Step 3 is all about. You need to build your worth, your value into your database so, number 1, they think of you as an option to buy or sell their home; or 2, they view you as their REALTOR! to use when they need or can refer confidently to those they know who may need real estate services.  Next you need to sort out your database based on their stage of readiness and or their willingness to refer to you.  To sort and qualify your database, you can use the Buffini system of grading them as A+’s, A’s, B’s, C’s and O’s.  Sort the database into Personal and Business relationships (your vendor list). Action Steps:  This may take some time, but take your list of names, addresses, emails and numbers you have on a spread sheet and sort them all out as stated above and don’t forget to Delete those that you just do not want to spend time with or do business with
      • Brand:  Your brand starts with you and the mental triggers that go with you. Mental triggers are the psychological triggers that help your prospects feel comfortable in using you as their real estate agent.  The main mental triggers you want to build into your branding are:  Know, Like, Trust, Competency, Authority, Better Service and Results.  Part of building a brand our your branding assets:    Agent Website, IDX, Email Signature, Business Cards, For Sale Signs, Brochures, Post Cards, etc.  Then show your experience (past sales) and list some testimonials, add a video if you have one and some lifestyle pictures so prospects can start to get to know you.  During this stage many agents create a business plan where they determine the direction they want their business to go.  (Residential, Commercial, Property Management , etc.)  Next you need to find ways to differentiate your self from all the other agents, what makes you different.  Clients need to feel that you are competent, experienced, and will provide an excellent service and superior results.  During this stage you will be building your evergreen marketing assets that will work for you behind the scenes.  SEO and links to your site, landing pages, and social media.  All integrated together with your CRM for lead capture and social proof
      • Follow Up System:  Your CRM has the automations that need to be set up and your IDX has forms that are integrated with your CRM. When the prospect fills out a form, the lead information is sent to your CRM database and your prospect will receive a text and an email and you will be notified.  Continue to touch on these prospects and let your system send your branded materials to them to build those mental triggers needed for conversion.  Note: The follow up needs to be about them and not so much about your agenda.  Be friends, not always trying to sell them something or asking for something.  Be genuine and your real self. Build on your heart connection and genuinely care about them.  Remember, this is about relationships
      • Engagement:  Your system will prompt you to reach out to your prospect simply by calling them.  Depending on the conversation your AI bot has had or the communication that has taken place, will dictate the conversation.  The main purpose of all these 4 steps is to book appointments or to have a good experience when you pop-by and visit with someone
      • Conversion:  Is the ability to either put offers in on a home or list a home through a listing agreement.  The higher your conversion ratio is, the more deals you will do or the less leads you will need to generate.  As time goes on, you should be receiving more referrals and the need to generate new leads will become less important

Lead Sources

Your lead sources primarily should be from your SOI or people that already know, trust and like you. Friends, family, past clients, etc. Below is a list of just a few sources that could feed your database and you could start to build a relationship with. All relationships start with an impression and the source does not really matter. What matters is if you have a system that can turn that impression into a relationship. There are ways to automate this, but the bottom line is that you need to be focused on building or forging these relationships. Your CRM and follow up steps are crucial and take a lot of work.

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