Buyer System

Supportive Sites


1. Implement Leads System to generate Buyer clients

2. Help the client get their loan pre-approval. (Offer three options for the client to choose from or they can use their own lender)

3 Share your Intelligent IDX Website with your clients which will create an IDX account for them. This will happen automatically when you send them an IDX search link from your agent website

4. Once they search on your IDX and favorite the top three homes they like then set up a tour

5. Use the tour tool and set up the tour and give the map to your client

6. Assuming they find a home they like, go ahead and write up the offer, provide the proof of down payment and loan pre-approval letter from the lender

7. At this point the Seller will either counter or accept your offer

Note: The service you provide is helping the client figure out their buying power, finding a home, getting their offer accepted and helping them through the escrow process.
Below are some services that are coming soon....

Buyer Pre-qualification Survey
The Buying Process for Clients
Loan Pre-Approval Check List
Live Offer Maker
Creative Offers & Best Practices
Pre-Closing Check List
Post Closing Check List